Hand Bevelling & Watchmaking Movement Decoration
Art Craft

Nathalie Jean louis - Formation horlogère
Nathalie Jean-Louis

An artisan specialised in hand bevelling and watchmaking movement decoration since 2004, Nathalie Jean-Louis works and collaborates with Swiss fine watchmaking manufactories. Indeed, hand bevelling with a file is more than ever recognised as the ultimate finishing touch which gives life to a movement and enhances contemporary watchmaking creations.
Since 2017, Nathalie has passionately transmitted her know-how by giving personalised bevelling courses in order to help safeguard this watchmaking heritage.
By generously sharing her experience, she contributes in perpetuating this rare and precious art over time, at the highest level.
Her expertise has enabled her to welcome watchmakers from all over the world to her workshop located in Les Brenets, Switzerland. As training in this art is already scare and due to the current pandemic situation which is making travelling more complicated or even impossible, Nathalie Jean-Louis decided to create a unique e-learning platform providing the possibility to learn and improve watchmaking movement decoration skills even from a distance.